The novel Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus was a major source of inspiration in the design of the Humaneus Center, a new generation theme park that Three Golden Doors presents.


In Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus written in 1815 by Mary SHELLEY (1797-1851), science goes beyond ethical limits; driven by vanity, research becomes dangerous: Victor Frankenstein, wishing to create a being in the service of humanity, will shape a monster.

Physically terrifying, Frankenstein’s creature is fascinating because it is a duplicate of Man and has an inner psychology; in this, Mary Shelley announces modern psychoanalysis.
Since 1818, Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus has been published continuously. Planetary best seller and inexhaustible source of cultural inspiration, the novel by Mary SHELLEY has been adapted for cinema almost 135 times since the matrix Frankenstein by J.S. Dawley in 1910.

Rare case of a classic taught at the university enjoying immense popular success – its mention on Google calls more than ten million results – the novel by Mary Shelley not only excites our imagination, but its history and its theme are also burning news.
Freed from the morbidity of his literary era, this story asks us questions about the origin and the future of man. It constitutes a bridge, a tremendous opening towards Modernity.

Is man a Prometheus having broken his chains, a Faust dominated by his desire for power, a Victor Frankenstein whose creature escapes and turns against him; is it programmed to always exceed its limits?
It is on these different questions, this fabulous potential which influences the present and already the future, that the genesis and foundations of the HUMANEUS CENTER arise.

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Source: Maxime Nikiforowitsch Worobjow